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ARchitectural Solutions

Agile workplaces need to adapt to future needs with the built-in flexibility of architectural systems.

Why Prefabricated Solutions?

Thoughtful space planning with flexible building infrastructure streamlines the process, lowers costs, and creates flexible workspaces designed to adapt with your changing business needs. Our architectural systems are intelligent, sustainable, and technologically advanced, with the capability to support how people work.

We can recommend solutions to provide auditory and visual privacy for focused and collaborative work. We develop plans with an intuitive understanding of changing work conditions.  As collaborators with your project team, consultants and contractors, we carefully engineer our systems within the overall project plan. Once your project is complete, we continue to support your workspace needs with a variety of ongoing services.

Using Demountable Walls

The workplace has to adapt to meet our evolving needs, including: Private spaces in which to focus and rejuvenate Technology-integrated spaces that support today’s work Flexible spaces that can adapt with business needs over time.

Provides people with the level of visual and acoustical privacy they need to concentrate, have closed conversations, or collaborate without disrupting others.

Provides workers with the technology their work requires and allows change as their needs change or as new technology becomes available.

Maximizes the ease of reconfiguration and re-use of the components to adapt to changes in business needs.

Movable walls help to create a flexible ecosystem of zones to support employee wellbeing and foster engagement.

Wall systems are constructed of recycled, low-emitting materials (eliminating harmful PVCs, VOCs, and off-gassing). The product is 100% reusable, and at the end of its life, it is recyclable. Wall systems also contribute to LEED certification.

Demountable wall systems are fast and cost effective. Compared to traditional construction, they take less time to install or reconfigure, and minimize downtime, dust, noise and disruptions.

Demountable vs. Traditional

Did you know that demountable walls cost significantly less than traditional construction over their lifespan when you consider the reconfigurations required to keep up with your evolving business needs? They can now depreciate in the first year, and do not disrupt employee productivity during installation and reconfiguration. Here are the main advantages of using movable walls instead of traditional drywall construction:

Expedites the schedule
Reduce installation time
- Construction moves faster and costs less due to simplified sequencing

Simplifies complexity
Single point of contact vs. multiple vendors
- Streamlined process vs. confused roles and responsibilities
- Integrated portfolio vs. discrete building systems
- Intelligent components vs. excessive inventory management

Saves money
Depreciates in 1 year with new 2018 IRS rules vs. 39 years for conventional solutions
- Less time to install or reconfigure, vs. conventional construction
- Minimizes downtime, vs. dust, noise and disruptions
- Components are reusable, vs. discarded materials

Protects the environment
Recycled material content
- Certifications: Cradle to Cradle, SCS Indoor Advantage, Indoor Air Quality
- Low emitting materials; NO: PVCs, VOCs, fiberglass, on-site off-gassing
- Contribute to LEED certification credits
- 100% reusable; at the end of its life, the system is recyclable

Some of Products We Love...

We Make Spaces to Help You Work, Learn or Heal

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A Portfolio Designed to Optimize the Performance of the Built Environment

Solving for dynamic, hybrid work requires adaptable architectural office solutions, flexible furniture and collaborative technology. The architectural envelope is critical to the creation of a workplace that is flexible and responsive to changing needs.

With Solutions that are Better for the Planet

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We build trust through transparency in material health and chemistry and by certifying products to demonstrate our commitment to reducing climate change. We are continuously expanding sustainable practices across our value chain, through design, manufacturing, delivery, and product lifecycle.

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Your Vision, Unrestricted

Muraflex transforms floor plans into architectural spaces. With a European touch, our design-savvy demountable glass office wall systems and freestanding pods create a distinguished work environment, bringing elegance and purpose together.

Passionate about Design

Our engineers have crafted the industry’s most aesthetically comprehensive demountable glass office wall solutions. With an unflinching commitment to R&D and ecologically-sensitive designs, we aim to be pioneers and develop better solutions to respond to the challenges architects and designers are continually face.

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Designing Air³

The acoustic pod was born to address two core issues relating to open plan environments: firstly, the need for physical and acoustic privacy, and secondly, the need for internal rooms. We knew that if we were able to redefine what was meant by an internal room, it would be a game changer.

Designing On the QT"

Phone booths are incredibly popular spaces for quick call privacy instead of using the stairwell or corridors or worse still walking around the office and annoyingly hovering around other people’s desks."

“As a team at Tangram Interiors, we take pride in providing tailored solutions for a variety of spaces - be it private offices, reception areas, conference rooms, or informal meeting spots.

Our approach involves gaining a deep understanding of our clients' specific requirements and desired outcomes for their privacy walls, and leveraging our expertise to suggest the most appropriate solutions from our trusted network of manufacturing partners.”

Sarah Wenge
Architectural Walls Lead

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