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Construction Trades

At Tangram Construction Trades, we simplify subcontracting by consolidating multiple construction trades under one roof, delivering projects on time and within budget. Our transparent communication, attention to detail, and diligent work ethic help create a stress-free process for our clients and partners.

We Make Subcontracting Simple

We take on the role of a consolidated subcontractor, utilizing in-house resources to absorb many associated responsibilities. Our dedicated team is committed to successfully delivering every project on time and within budget, providing exceptional understanding in the specification, installation, and ongoing care of several trades within the corporate, hospitality, education, and entertainment markets.

With over 25 years of construction expertise, our team has the knowledge and skills needed to deliver exceptional results. We were founded in 2002 as a flooring company, but over the years, we observed a consistent gap in services. To better serve our clients, we began offering these needed services, and our team organically grew in the process to become Tangram Construction Trades. We are committed to simplifying the subcontractor experience and delivering outstanding results that exceed our clients' expectations.

Some of Products We Love...

Our Expertise

Division 3


Concrete Topping
Cementitious Underlayment
Non-Shrinking Grout 
Epoxy Grouting
Concrete Resurfacing

Division 4


Clay Masonry
Unit Masonry Assemblies
Stone Assemblies
Masonry Restoration
Stone Restoration

Division 6

Wood + Plastics

Finish Carpentry
Custom Cabinet
Standing and Running Trim
Simulated Wood Ornament
Wood Frames

Division 7

Thermal + Moisture Protection

Fluid Applied Waterproofing
Joint Sealant

Division 7

Thermal + Moisture Protection

Fluid Applied Waterproofing
Joint Sealant

Division 8

Doors + Windows

Metal Doors and Frames
Wood and Plastic Doors
Folding Doors and Grille
Door Hardware
Electro-Mechanical Hardware
Glazing Surface Films

Division 9


Wall Finishes
Acoustical Treatment
Exterior Painting
Interior Painting
Stains and Transparent Finishes
Wall Coverings

Division 10


Visual Display Boards
Compartments + Cubicles
Wall and Corner Guards
Access Flooring
Lockers & All Subdivisions
Storage Shelving

Division 12


Manufactured Casework
Window Treatment
Rugs and Mat
Portable Audience Seating
Systems Furniture
Furnishings Restoration

Division 13

Special Construction

Pre-Engineered Structures

Division 16


Communication and Data Processing Equipment
Voice/Data Cabling
Telephone, Data & Nurse Call Pathways and Wiring
Television Cabling
Television Equipment
Sound Reinforcement
Voice & Data Wiring & Cabling System

“The foundation for our work is a very simple idea. The more true value for the user, the more true value for the business. And true value for the user can only be achieved through great experiences.

This is the core of our approach – taking products and services from a relevant idea and usable solution to a desirable product and prodigious experience.”

Dave Teper
Vice President, Construction Trades

Our Team

Peter Howard
VP Construction Trades

Dave Teper

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