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We see a future for interior construction that’s not only better for people, it’s better for the planet. And, we never stop moving toward this vision. We promise that no matter how fast we’re running, we’ll always provide the most responsive service the construction industry has ever seen.

What is Digital Component Construction?

Familiar Process
It all starts with the ceiling track and ends with space the client loves. But digital components eliminate insulation, drywall hanging and repair, screw inspection, drywall taping, priming and painting.  Falkbuilt both shrinks and simplifies the construction schedule.  

Functional Components
Our digital components have advantages built right in. Super studs are super strong, so they go in every 48.” Pre-engineered electrical solutions are pre-mounted on digital horizontals that snap in. Cladding wrapped in cleanable Falkskin clips on the super studs quickly and easily.  

Fully Loaded
Unlike drywall, you don’t have to get extra materials, cut anything onsite, arrange for waste bins or haul bins to the landfill. Digital Component Construction includes acoustic solutions, connects easily to the base building and can accommodate deck to deck and other specific needs. And integrate with Revit with our Echo Dome platform. Meet stakeholders in the cloud, make real-time changes, and save hundreds of hours on every project.

Sustainability is at the Core of the Product

About half the waste in North American landfills is carted from construction sites. In conventional construction, trades cut materials to size on the job site and about 30% of the materials brought to site - including lumber and drywall - are thrown into construction bins that are hauled to the landfill.

Falkbuilt avoids all of that, eliminating waste onsite and reducing emissions for freight to site. Futher, our compact manufacturing facility produces digital components that can be reconfigured and recycled at the end of the life cycle. We are committed to sustainable procurement and increasing waste diversion programs.

What's With the Name?

Falk is the Danish word for falcon. It’s also the middle name of a few folks in Founder Mogens Smed’s family. Not only is it homage to the family history, Falkbuilt is a nod to the Danish craftsmanship Mogens grew up with.

When the family moved to Canada in the 1950s, Mogens’ father, Kai, took over a cabinet making company and eventually expanded into millwork and interior construction. In the decades since, Mogens’ construction experience and entrepreneurial drive has led to oodles of success.

Most recently Mogens and technological visionary Barrie Loberg have partnered up to pioneer Digital Component Construction. Conveniently, ‘Falk’ also cleans up one of Mogens’ favourite expressions about getting stuff done: RFN — Right Falking Now.

Come Visit Our Showrooms

“Designing with Falkbuilt is like painting with an infinite palette of possibilities, where form and function seamlessly merge to create spaces that inspire and empower.”

JR Purnell
Falkbuilt Lead

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