Kimberly Wiggs
Director, Education
Contract Furniture
Carroll College


Kimberly Wiggs is a dedicated professional who currently serves as the Director of Education at Tangram Interiors, with a focus on the Southern California market. With over seven years of experience in the industry, Kimberly brings a unique perspective to her role, blending her background in education with her passion for creating inspiring and inviting learning environments.

Prior to her current position, Kimberly worked as a Sales Representative at Tangram Interiors, where she honed her skills in building client relationships and driving sales efforts. Her five-year tenure in this role, based in the Greater Los Angeles Area, allowed her to develop a deep understanding of the industry and the needs of clients in the region.

Before joining Tangram Interiors, Kimberly held the position of Account Coordinator at Alera Group Orange County, where she gained valuable experience in account management and coordination. She demonstrated her organizational skills and attention to detail during her time at The Centennial, a full-time role focused on client support.

Kimberly's passion for education and her commitment to fostering effective learning environments led her to pursue a career as a Bilingual Teacher at CEIP Aravaca in Madrid, Spain. Her experience in this role allowed her to develop strong instructional and classroom management skills.

Additionally, Kimberly has worked as a private tutor, providing one-on-one academic support to students. She also served as a Brain Trainer at LearningRx, where she contributed to cognitive training programs aimed at improving learning and cognitive skills.

Kimberly's diverse background, which includes roles in education, sales, and client coordination, makes her a well-rounded professional in her current position as the Director of Education. Her passion for creating active learning classrooms and spaces, coupled with her expertise in the industry, allows her to deliver exceptional results and contribute to the success of Tangram Interiors in Southern California.

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