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IRA Capital
Irvine, CA

Situated in Irvine, California, IRA Capital is a leading private equity firm focused on alternative investments.

When the company moved into their new 13k+ square-foot office, they collaborated with architecture firm MUL-MAC and the skilled team at Tangram to create an office environment that exuded an organic and inviting ambiance. MUL-MAC and Tangram incorporated aesthetically pleasing colors, focusing on light tones to foster a welcoming atmosphere throughout IRA's space.

Our team installed a range of furnishings that included open collaboration areas, a reception setting, conferencing space, private offices, workstations, and a vibrant work café. Manufacturers used include Steelcase, Viccarbe, Coalesse, AMQ, Design Public Group, Encore Seating, Enwork, Gus Modern and Industry West.

In the pursuit of an organic aesthetic, the team carefully selected finishes featuring light neutrals, cool grays, and contrasting blacks, harmonizing the color palette, and enhancing the overall appeal. Upon entering the reception area, visitors are greeted by organic silhouettes, subtle splashes of color, and a captivating biophilic wall feature. These elements not only contribute to the office's overall aesthetic appeal but also foster a sense of connection with nature, promoting a harmonious and rejuvenating atmosphere.

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