5 Design Trends From NeoCon 2023

As the leading event in the commercial design industry, this year's showcase revealed transformative concepts that promise to redefine workspaces, advance sustainability practices, and encourage inclusivity. From innovative technological integrations to a strong emphasis on well-being, NeoCon 2023 unveiled trends with the potential to shape the future of work, education, and healthcare worldwide. While we saw many trends repeated from last year —like flexible furniture on casters, biophilia, and privacy-focused lounge— here are this year's new top 5 trends that left an impact on us.

1. Integrated Technology + Elevated Zoom Rooms

Stunning conference tables and furniture with integrated technology —like touch-screens, A/V, and monitors—, unique shapes allowing for participant equity, and table bases that house wires to allow for clean spaces wowed at every corner, with many of them winning awards for their design innovation and functionality in today's new multi-presence workplace.

Steelcase Optic Coupe5
Nucraft Custom Flow Credenza with Monitor Lift

2. Sustainability, Carbon Neutral + Environmentally-Minded Collections

Recycled materials, ecological textiles, cradle-to-cradle certification, and carbon neutrality were characteristics seen in many collections, making it clear that environmentally-minded products are now more of an expectation than an added benefit.

Steelcase Karman, Gesture, Leap, Think, Amia, Series 2, Series 1 - As of July 2023, all seven of Steelcase’s high-performance chairs (Karman, Gesture, Leap, Think,
Amia, Series 2 and Series 1) will be available with a CarbonNeutral product certification option.
Darran Dove + Susu - Made using recycled PET
Scandinavian Spaces Tinnef - Tinnef creates a second life for plastic waste. Entirely fashioned from plastic cosmetic bottles or yogurt containers, the tabletop creates an exceptional advancement in environmental innovation.

3. Attention to Detail + Designed to Float in Open Space

It's the little things that add interest to these mindfully-designed pieces. Every aspect of these products was given attention, even ones that are typically overlooked, putting the furniture center-stage rather than a corner. Nobody puts these pieces in a corner.

Hightower Flote
Andreu World Polina
Andreu World Luba

4. Soft curves, organic + unique shapes

Departing from the rigid lines and sharp angles of the past, this trend embraces a more fluid and harmonious approach, drawing inspiration from the natural world's gentle contours. Soft, rounded edges encourage a comforting embrace, inviting relaxation and fostering a sense of intimacy within spaces.

Nienkämper Beam
Allermuir Batan
Davis Seba

5. Textural textures + playful colors

Emphasizing a blend of comfort, personality, and visual appeal, this trend adds a refreshing and dynamic touch to living spaces. The use of faux fur and sherpa introduces a sense of warmth and tactile comfort, while boucle adds a layer of sophistication and depth to furniture pieces. To complement these textured materials, designers have opted for playful colors and finishes that bring a bold fun-loving feel to the spaces the pieces inhabit.

Allermuir Ooty
Christina Fehan Phil Lounge
Martin Brattrud Nido