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Future of Work

A New Season: Company Update

April 6, 2022

As companies begin a gradual return or semi-return to the office, Tangram is celebrating many showroom accomplishments and updates, including a full renovation of our Newport Beach showroom and Steelcase Los Angeles WorkLife Center, as well as the expansion to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex with the opening of a new showroom in Dallas. 

Find Tangram in Downtown Dallas

On October 1, 2021, we announced our acquisition of BKM Total Office of Texas and our expansion into the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, which became Tangram's regional headquarters. Led by CEO, Joe Lozowski, VP of Sales, Amber Jones and CFO, Nick Greenko, Tangram has been planning the next move and acquiring talent while becoming acquainted with the new team and market. In early March 2022, we signed a lease at 300 Pearl, a brand new development in the heart of East Quarter. With a central location, unobstructed panoramic views of downtown Dallas, and amenities including a fitness center and a private lounge and bar, this space will be the fresh and innovative home we need for our new and fully-renovated regional headquarters. While awaiting the move in fall 2022, Tangram Dallas can be found at a pop-up space located at: 2112 Commerce Street, Suite 120.

DFW represents one the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the world. We are eager to work with the local commercial real estate and design community to develop amazing workplaces. - Joe Lozowski, Tangram Chief Executive Officer

Newport Beach Opens After Full Renovation

In January 2022, Tangram unveiled our fully renovated Newport Beach showroom. With the re-design led by MOZU Architect, Susie Tashiro, and Tangram Designer, Samantha East, the new space is inspired by local coastal flora and fauna and features layered patterns, colors and textures as a way to celebrate the community in which the showroom exists. With a mix of both rich and neutral tones and lush fabrics, the new showroom captures a high-end, hospitality-driven look and feel that is immediately experienced  when stepping off the elevator and into the refreshed environment. Each space is designed with a specific intent. While the lobby is our wow factor, the work café is the heartbeat of the entire showroom, serving as a centralized flexible space to eat, work and socialize, and highlighting the hybrid nature of the office. The beauty of our showroom is best experienced in person. Tours are now available for booking.

We incorporated luxurious textures to create both a visual and tactile experience in the space. - Samantha East, Tangram Designer

Steelcase Los Angeles WorkLife Center Opens After Full Renovation

In spring of 2021, Steelcase revealed their stunning renovated Los Angeles WorkLife Center. Initially inspired by the expansive downtown city skyline view, the refreshed space is where metropolitan meets rainforest. A blend of LA's sunset pastels, art-deco, mid-century and glamor aesthetic with a rainsforest's  wild overgrowth and bold colors creates an exciting, new creation. In terms of user-experience, Steelcase's design team focused on emphasizing authentic and natural elements, more flexible spaces, and a balance of environments that support focus, collaboration and rejuvenation. This breathtaking showroom is now available for tours so you can experience the beauty of adaptation firsthand.

Imagine the iconic pastel colors, sunsets, art deco, mid-century, and glamor aesthetic of LA combined with the wild, overgrowth and bold color of a rainforest.