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Amber Jones Featured on the Building Texas Business Podcast by BoyarMiller

Originally Published on Building Texas Business


In today's episode, I chat with Amber Jones from Tangram Interiors about her company's move from California to Texas and how they foster innovation through their unique design process and showroom experience.

Amber shares insights on staying ahead within the cyclical furniture industry through careful research and an emphasis on maintaining company culture during times of growth.

We also discuss the challenges of managing virtual teams and leading with collaboration. Amber offers perspective on balancing work and family from Brené Brown and shares her wisdom on these topics.

It was a thought-provoking discussion exploring transforming workspaces and ideas to enhance life beyond the job.


·  Amber Jones, the Vice President of Sales at Tangram Interiors, discusses the journey of moving their operations from California to Texas, and how they use unique tools like noise and digital maps to improve their showroom experience.

·  She provides insights into the cyclical nature of the furniture industry, emphasizing the importance of staying ahead of the curve and fostering an environment of innovation within the company.

·  Amber emphasizes the significance of maintaining company culture amidst expansion and managing a virtual team in a post-pandemic world.

·  She highlights the importance of work-life balance, which differs from person to person, and shares Brené perspective on marriage and the importance of enjoying the people you work with while maintaining a balance with family life.

·  The episode includes a fun chat about Amber's job and her preference between Tex-Mex and Barbecue.

·  Tangram Interiors creates innovative workspaces, making spaces where people can learn, work, and heal. They use technology and unique tools like noise maps and digital maps to improve their showroom experience.

·  Amber believes in fostering a strong company culture, which she sees as vital when expanding into multiple offices. She emphasizes the importance of planning and research when entering new opportunities or meeting new people.

·  Amber talks about the evolution of leadership styles and the challenges faced due to the pandemic. She highlights the importance of creating workspaces that allow productivity and foster collaboration.

·  She discusses the potential of radical honesty in relationships and how it can foster growth and trust. She also talks about the importance of leading with a collaborative mindset and the need for self-awareness.

·  The episode ends with a discussion on dreaming of a life in France and wishing Amber Jones the best of luck as she expands her business in Texas.