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Creating the Illusion of Space to Encourage a Good Company Culture

Nowadays, more and more companies are understanding the importance of company culture. It's important to create the kind of environment in which your employees feel good because this, in turn, makes them more productive. You can create a good company culture simply by changing the interactions between you and your team or between the members of your team. But you can also design your office interiors in such a way that they encourage your team members to feel good, communicate well, and be more productive.

The Connection Between Physical and Mental Space

Have you ever thought about the fact that physical space is a reflection of mental space? Often, when you have more space in your surroundings, your mind also feels decluttered and you're able to think better and come up with more ideas. The same is true for your employees.

The Importance of Lighting in Creating Space

What if you really don't have the kind of space needed to create a spacious environment in your offices? In that case, there are a few tricks you can use to create the illusion of space. A well-lit space always appears to be more spacious than one which is dark and dingy. So choose a space with more windows to let in the natural light and don't create too many enclosed spaces (such as cubicles) for employees to work. If you really need to have cubicles, you can go with 2 or 3-sided ones or get cubicles in which the walls are not too high.

Using Light Colors to Create the Illusion of Space

Light colors also create the illusion of space. So paint the walls ivory (white can get a little too bright). And keep your cubicle walls and your furniture light. Blond wood, the type you get at IKEA, gives a great holistic feel to your surroundings. If this is not possible, get something else in a lighter color. Of course, don't forget to throw in a few splashes of color here and there because these are always enlivening and will make your employees feel more active.

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