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Falkbuilt Installed in Tangram's Santa Fe Springs Headquarters

Tangram Construction Trades (TCT) and the Falkbuilt team successfully blended the spirit of Southern California with the power of Digital Component Construction in their new two-room Solution Center, located in Tangram’s Santa Fe Springs headquarters. The new space proudly displays the effortless beauty and functions of several Falkbuilt architectural solutions, including McNally solid walls, Kai glass walls, a double-glazed pin hinge door, and a framed glass sliding door.

“We really wanted to show as many Falkbuilt solutions as possible in the two rooms,” says TCT designer Meg Moussamih. “We were able to accomplish that while still keeping the space cohesive and intentional.”

The collection of playful and complementary color and material selections were selected to blend into the environment while equally making a statement. Soft seafoam green and warm tangerine mimic the meeting of sea and sun while the boldly-patterned earth-toned flooring draws inspiration from various landscapes all homed within California.

“Our office is very SoCal. A lot of the colors represent inviting and exciting colors you find in nature,” says Moussamih.

Previously a meeting room, the existing space chosen to serve as the Falkbuilt Solution Center was the most complicated area of the showroom as it was located on the ground floor and almost fully supporting the rooms and ramp above it. Throughout the construction process, the team had to refine the design to incorporate new structural elements that would replace the existing shear walls.

“There are support beams hiding inside the Falkbuilt walls you’d never even know about!” says Moussamih.

The Falkbuilt solid walls were installed quickly and easily as the super studs and horizontals were precut at the factory, labeled for installation and designed to simply snap into place. Additionally, electrical junction boxes were installed at the factory to the horizontals and come with receptacles and power whips.

“Falkbuilt makes it easy to feel smart. All the products are labeled in such a way that any person could figure out – which makes our installers excited about installing,” says Moussamih.

The finished product involved the collaboration of several Tangram divisions including TCT and Tangram Technology. In three days, the technology team installed Teams Rally Bars, 55” display monitors, and a 55” interactive monitor outside the rooms to display Falkbuilt collateral. Additionally, the team integrated Steelcase Thread power and Connectrac into the Falkbuilt solid walls by notching out the bottom trim and tracking the power within the wall, then hardwiring them into the junction boxes.

With only four days of Falkbuilt installation, three of technology and two of flooring, the Falkbuilt Solution Center was completed in under two weeks.

“Working on this space pushed our collaboration team to see imperfections and make them attractive – to embrace the existing space and enhance it with Falkbuilt’s innovation,” says Moussamih. “The final outcome is reflective of our current and future design aesthetics and that is a really satisfying accomplishment.”