Press Release

Falkbuilt Unveils Stunning New Rooms in Tangram Newport's Fully Renovated Showroom

When Tangram Interiors unveiled their fully-renovated Newport Beach showroom, they also unveiled three brand new Falkbuilt installations. Through collaboration with Tangram, Studio Other, and Construction Trades (TCT), Falkbuilt successfully installed a collection of solid walls, glass walls and millwork to create three beautiful spaces each with their unique capabilities—a private office, design library, and a meeting room outfitted with full AV capabilities to support hybrid collaboration.

It’s rare that I get to collaborate with all departments that fall under the Tangram umbrella, so when we have a showroom project, I get excited to work with people I normally don’t,” says Meg Moussamih, TCT Manager + Falkbuilt Lead Designer. “The result is a beautiful collaboration with the most creative minds at Tangram.

In just four business days, Falkbuilt installed a McNally Full-Height Solid Wall to divide the private office from the design library, a Kai Glass Wall designed in a zigzag pattern across all three rooms with a black powder coat finish, a McNally Stacked Solid + Glass Wall to divide the private room from the meeting room, and millwork shelving inside the private office to display accessories and literature.

Falkbuilt makes it easy to feel smart. All the products are labeled in such a way that any person could figure it out—which makes our installers really excited about installing, says Moussamih.

In an effort to complement the overall high-end hospitality theme of the renovated space, neutral warm-toned finishes were selected that enhanced the existing space, rather than distracting from it.

Luckily, Falkbuilt has hundreds of finishes to choose from, so we didn’t have a hard time finding exactly what worked in the space, says Moussamih.

One of the more unique design elements was the Kai Glass Wall designed in a zigzag pattern across all three rooms, finished with a black powder coat and highlighted by the integrated zigzag ceiling light mimicking the wall’s path along the top—a feat that required close collaboration with the general contractor.

The zigzag wall is such a unique element and does not cost much more than a straight wall. Something like this can make a space look high-end without the typical high-end price tag, says Moussamih.

The end result is three stunning and light-filled rooms—each with their own distinct attributes to serve different needs, but collectively cohesive in structure and design through Falkbuilt’s wide range of offerings. After a short and painless installation period, users can now inhabit each space that supports both in-person and remote collaboration as well as individual heads down work and one-on-one meetings.

The install can be experienced in person at Tangram’s Newport Showroom located at 1375 Dove St, Suite 300. Schedule a tour with Falkbuilt Sales Executive JR Purnell by emailing