Joe's Top 10 NeoCon 2024 Products

NeoCon 2024 is a wrap! There were many emerging trends, including sustainable practices & recycled materials, a focus on community & co-creation, bold legs with tamboured & upholstered elements, and bold monochromatic color pairings. As with years past, I walked the showrooms and collected my top 10 product picks that debuted at this year's show.

1. Coalesse Ensemble

The Coalesse Ensemble Lounge System naturally combines intuitive performance with infinite design expression to create gathering places that work.

Why It's a Top Pick: I love the modular nature and endless customization options of Ensemble. You can study how your employees interact in the open areas and then fit all the components together to create the ultimate gathering place and oasis for your people.  

2. Steelcase Ocular View

Co-developed by Steelcase and Logitech, Ocular View is an immersive, realistic and personal meeting experience that makes you feel like you’re together, even if you’re miles apart.

Why It's a Top Pick: Ocular View absolutely changes the game when it comes to video calls, getting as close to human-to-human interaction (while remaining virtual) as possible. The person on the other end of the call is to-scale and almost looks 3D, like they’re right there in the room with you. This will do great things for cultivating meaningful connections remotely.

3. AMQ Cluvo

A height-adjustable desk that raises the bar for performance, movement, and design at work, Cluvo features an elevated aesthetic and the latest advances to inspire well-being in the office. tee

Why It's a Top Pick: Cluvo is such a clean and sleek height-adjustable table that’s a great cost-effective option.

4. Boss Design Frida Work & Lounge

Frida is a focus pod that embraces, privacy, comfort and style.

Why It's a Top Pick: It’s great that there are different pod options that can be combined, from ones with desks for heads down work and others with a comfortable lounge chair for getting away from it all. It serves multiple purposes at once with its cozy and beautiful form.  

5. Andreu World Bolete Conference Table & Chair

The conference chair and table are new additions to Andreu World’s Bolete collection, bringing a unique character with its organic forms and sculptural base to the boardroom.

Why It's a Top Pick: Not only are these immediate visual showstoppers, but they’re also highly ergonomic and inclusive in their designs. Plus, the ribbed bases on both are made of Andreu World’s Pure ECO thermopolymer, which is made from 100% recycled materials, making it fully recyclable and reusable.

6. Global Collaborative Spaces

Collaborative Spaces™ fosters teamwork through adaptable environments that can transform at a moment's notice or evolve over time. Optimize existing spaces with individual pieces or create new ones with the full range of mobile team carts, work tables and accessories. Scale up, scale down, create a space for the way you work.

Why It's a Top Pick: I also love the customization of Collaborative Spaces – you can select each piece that best serves how your team collaborates. This is a great solution for highly creative teams that require live brainstorm sessions.

7. OFS Ally

Ally is a private office solution designed to build trust and reimagine the role of leadership in the workplace. This collection aims to reimagine the private office as a more fluid and collaborative space, moving away from its prescriptive nature.

Why It's a Top Pick: I love that Ally flips the traditional private office environment on its head. Instead of an isolated executive, this environment fosters collaboration and adaptability, aligning more closely with the evolving needs of modern work practices. I personally think it’s important for leadership to be central and out in the open in the office to allow for approachability and transparency – this product really supports and encourages that view.

8. Momentum Textiles x Yinka Ilori Collection

Momentum’s newest collaboration with Yinka Ilori, a British-Nigerian multidisciplinary artist and designer whose bold, vibrant works draw inspiration from his dual heritage, reimagines our approach to professional interiors. This collection of textiles and wallcoverings combines Ilori’s artistic ethos and Momentum’s thoughtful use of color, culminating in designs that inspire, uplift, and delight

Why It's a Top Pick: Color has such an effect on mood, energy, and wellbeing, and the color combinations of these textiles spark nothing but joy.

9. Halcon FREYA

A refined expression of modern Scandinavian design, FREYA features minimalist lines, subtle textures, and natural materials to provide elevated comfort and function for collaborative spaces.

Why It's a Top Pick: Halcon does it again with another sleek and beautiful conference table this year. The legs are so unique and the built-in power is seamless.

10. Carolina Elara Modular

Elara’s enveloping curves and wide frame make this a dynamic seating solution for behavioral health, senior living, workplace and healthcare.

Why It's a Top Pick: Elara modular lounge brings such a warmth and unique seating option to healthcare spaces, allowing for comfort and connection for patients, families, and providers amidst a sometimes stressful experience.