Tangram 10

Meet Bernifka Saint Jean

Please join us in welcoming Bernifka Saint Jean to Tangram! Bernifka is joining the CA team as a Marketing Coordinator, bringing industry experience from her last role as an Associate Product Marketing Manager Intern & Operations Intern at Steelcase. Originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and Boston, MA, Bernifka now resides in Alhambra, CA.  On the weekends, you’ll find her balancing church, self-care, time with friends, meal prep, and learning how to sew. Bernifka is excited to contribute her marketing skills to Tangram, especially welcoming clients at the DTLA showroom. Welcome, Bernifka, we're happy to have you!

1. What is your name and job title?
Bernifka Saint Jean, Marketing Coordinator

2. Where is your hometown and where do you live now?
Port-au-Prince, Haiti and Boston, MA and I live Alhambra, CA.

3. What type of company did you work at previously and what was your role there?
Steelcase, and it was an associate product marketing manager intern and operations Management Summer Associate.

4. What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend?
Going to church, selfcare, hangout with friends, Meal prepping.

5. When people visit your town, what are the top local spot(s) you recommend to them?
Currently finding them myself :( since school took a lot of my time the past few years.

6. What's a topic you wish you knew more about or a skill you want to learn/improve?
I want to know and learn more about sewing it would be so cool to be able to make whatever type of clothing that I see/want.

7. Tell us about the best or most memorable meal you've cooked or eaten! What made it special?
When my current fiancé, then boyfriend, made me a dinner during the school semester. It was special because we were both really stressed with midterms for weeks and he ended up finishing his midterms before I did and decided to make me food since I still had a few midterms left to do instead of him resting or hanging out with his friends.

8. What is your favorite memory from the past year?
Getting engaged not too long ago and hanging out with a friend of mine at Disneyland for a day.

9. Show us your true colors! Which professional and/or college team(s) do you cheer for?
USC of course, Fight On!

10. What are you most looking forward to at Tangram and what do you hope to bring to the team?
I am so excited to help entertain potential clients at the Downtown location and do any work related to marketing.