Tangram 10

Meet LaToyah Burke

Please join us in welcoming LaToyah Burke to Tangram! LaToyah is joining the Dallas team as a Customer Service Representative, previously working in education as an Office Coordinator. After work, you'll find her winding down by cooking, listening to music or grabbing a bite to eat at a local diner. We're looking forward to all the wonderful things LaToyah will bring to the table. Welcome, LaToyah, we're happy to have you!

1. Name, title?

LaToyah Burke, Customer Service Representative

2. Where is your hometown and where do you live now?

Montclair, NJ

Dallas, TX

3. What type of company did you work at previously and what was your role there?

School, Office Coordinator

4. What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend?

Cooking, listening to music or livestream

5. When people visit your town, what are the top local spot(s) you recommend to them?

Eagle Rock Park, Destination Dogs, a diner

6. What is your favorite memory from the past year?

Moving to (and driving to) Texas

7. Salty or Sweet? What’s your favorite snack?

Sweet- ice cream, wait is that a snack? Oops

8. Do you have a favorite quote, piece of advice, or core value you live by?

"He who has a why to live can bear almost any how"

9. Show us your true colors! Which professional and/or college team(s) do you cheer for?

Literally none.

10. What are you most looking forward to at Tangram and what do you hope to bring to the team?

Looking forward to learning the company culture, goals and being an active participant in both!