Tangram 10

Meet Thomas McNally

Please join us in welcoming Thomas McNally to Tangram! Thomas is joining the Tangram Tech team as a Senior Sales Executive. Thomas has lived in California, Louisiana, and Ireland! He likes to surf, play the guitar and restore old cars. Welcome to the team Thomas, we're happy to have you!

1. Name, title?

Thomas McNally, Senior Sales Executive

2. Where is your hometown and where do you live now?

Born and raised in L.A. (Westchester) and I live there now too, but I spent many years in New Orleans and Dublin, Ireland.

3. What type of company did you work at previously and what was your role there?

I've spent the majority of my time in the AV industry as a design consultant. I was most recently an Associate Principal with Waveguide Consulting in LA where we focused primarily on corporate, entertainment and higher education projects. Over the years, I've focused mostly on performing arts, screening rooms, audio/video production spaces, corporate campuses, and higher ed. I also spent a few years as the head of engineering for an AV integrator.

4. What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend?

My main loves are surfing, playing music (mostly classical guitar), restoring old cars, economics, and hanging out with my 10-month old son.

5. When people visit your town, what are the top local spot(s) you recommend to them?

I typically recommend the South Bay beaches, hiking anywhere in Malibu or the Santa Monica mountains, and the great food options LA has to offer instead of the usual LA tourist traps.

6. What is your favorite holiday and/or season? Why?

Hm, tough one... I probably like Fall/Halloween the most - it can be one of the best times of the year to surf!

7. If we didn't have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time? 

As cheesy as it sounds, I love learning. I'd probably learn a new skill like wood-working or welding, watch historical documentaries, research economics/investing, learn a new instrument, etc. Big nerd here...

8. What show are you currently binge-watching? Or which show/channel is your "go-to"?

I just finished the last season of Stranger Things, it's great for the 80's nostalgia. For a laugh, I usually look to Irish/English comedy like Father Ted and Alan Partridge.

9. Have you ever met (or want to meet) anyone famous? If so, who?

I had the privilege or performing with or studying under many famous musicians when I was studying music in college. This includes Dave Brubeck, Wynton Marsalis, Moses Hogan, Eric Whitacre, and more. More recently though, I played a gaelic football match with Chris O'Dowd!

10. What are you most looking forward to at Tangram and what do you hope to bring to the team?

I'm looking forward to the people, atmosphere and energy of Tangram. I'll be working with some old friends from the past as well, which is an extra bonus. I hope to bring experience from the consulting side of the industry to create opportunities in the A&E, corporate, higher education, and entertainment markets.