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NeoCon 2021 Top Flooring Products

For the first time since June 2019, the commercial design community gathered in-person for NeoCon 2021 from Oct. 4-6. This year’s event, themed “Design Anew,” included new product launches from leading and emerging brands. Flooring suppliers debuted beautiful collections designed to establish calming environments in high-performing formats.

Check out some of our favorite flooring products featuring a variety of shapes, bold colors and neutral palettes.

Rising Signs Collection - Interface

The Rising Signs collection features eight modern carpet tile products to elevate your space—each uniquely designed to work together in infinite combinations. Bold, architectural lines evoke the fire escapes and majestic tension bridges that connect us to one another and to the airy outdoors. Large-scale geometric shapes and eye-catching jewel tones make a striking impression. Earthy, calming neutrals and softer patterns inspired by the sacred geometry of nature infuse a biophilic design perspective.

Deconstructed Form - Patcraft

Deconstructed Form explores textural structure through the use of shape. In multiple constructions from luxe large scale pattern to organic geometric textures, each style creates a distinctive design with sleek arcs or intersecting angles. The collection is designed for a moment, a background, a focal point. Designed to tell a story.

Dialogue Collection - Shaw Contract

The Dialogue collection from Shaw Contract is a celebration of communication and its unique ability to foster understanding and connection. Dialogue carpet tile provides diversity and choice to design unique and layered moments that live cohesively within a space. Dialogue provides a soft foundation for touch-down areas, seating areas or areas for welcome, creating a warm, inviting space for contemplation. Dialogue carpet tile is optimized for low embodied carbon and is carbon neutral.

Data Tide - Mohawk

Data Tide is an innovative collection of modular carpet planks that seeks to explore the symbiotic relationship between nature and data through the visualization of water. Data Tide celebrates the unique ecosystem of estuaries where freshwater and saltwater converge to sequester blue carbon and support biodiversity. Mohawk Group’s design team used data sets from environmental studies of greenhouse gases to create biophilic patterns through a custom-built data visualization tool. With this graphic interpretation of the data, the collection celebrates the positive ecological influence of blue carbon capture.

Daytripper Collection - Bentley Mills

Inspired specifically by our collective desire to be swept away for hours at museums and galleries, the Daytripper Collection features three primary patterns, each with varying depth and shimmer and unique scale and proportion: Expo Hall™, Gallery Hop™ and Pop-Up Shop™. Its fourth pattern is Free Day™, simple and completely accessible in style, pattern and price.