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Repurpose that Empty Huddle Room

November 3, 2020

Social distancing guidelines have rendered your four-person huddle room unusable. In recent times, your business is doing less huddling and more online meetings, including webinars and videos to communicate both in real-time and asynchronously. Bottom line: valuable real estate is being tied up with underutilized spaces. How can we recapture the ROI of our space?

How to recapture ROI quickly and affordably?

Creating a pocket studio can do just that! Odds are that your huddle room already has a camera, a display and a microphone as well as a PC or a way to easily connect a laptop. Remove the huddle table and create a pocket studio by adding key lighting, fill lighting, and backlighting. Adding acoustic panels can better tune the room for clear and intelligible speech. Utilize the ability to trigger presets on the camera to vary shots, or add a second camera for diverse camera angles to increase interest or to capture hands-on demonstrations for better communication. Finally, add a production switcher to add lower-third graphics and text or add logos and effects to take your content up to a professional level.

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