Press Release

Tangram and Studio Other Furnish New Belkin Headquarter Office in Southern California

Tangram, a curator of highly creative commercial interior environments and workspaces headquartered in Southern California and Studio Other, a creator of custom solutions for commercial interior environments and workspaces, are pleased to announce the interior furnishings in the Belkin office are complete.

Belkin - a Los Angeles based company offering an extensive range of products that deliver power, protection, connectivity, audio and smart home solutions, have once again chosen Tangram to be their furniture curator in their new 65k sq ft El Segundo office. Tangram worked closely with architecture and design firm HLW, Belkin and Studio Other; with Tangram providing ancillary furniture and Studio Other providing custom furniture. The project was completed in 2022 to serve their 100+ staff members.

“Tangram was our furniture partner previously on another assignment. We interviewed all furniture partners again for this project and Tangram stood out head and shoulders above the rest,” says Barry Knudson, Belkin Global Real Estate & Facilities Operations.

The end goal for Tangram and Studio Other was to create cohesive spaces with HLW that allowed for department crossover and a tighter community culture. “One of the goals of the project was really to look at how they could bring people together, so they wouldn't feel quite so siloed and dispersed throughout the space," says Louise Sharp, HLW Design Principal Interior Architecture.

Tangram provided an array of ancillary furniture for lab spaces, workshop conferencing, photo studio spaces, reception, welcome spaces, social spaces, outdoor spaces and open workspaces. All pieces selected had a residential-feel with a mix of rich textures and sunset hues. The pieces were sourced from over 30 manufacturers and brought personality and comfort to every amenity space.

Serving Belkin’s desire to be as sustainable as possible, the Tangram team locally sourced natural materials and integrated a variety of planters that added texture, color and biophilia to the overall space.

Working closely with Belkin, Studio Other provided 75 custom workstations, 10 communal tables, 8 conference tables, 1 bar table and 75 personal storage units. Studio Other created custom sketches and renderings and developed prototypes using raw steel and cardboard in order to work efficiently and be cost-conscious.

“The team was amazing because they understood us. I’m a designer, my team is a team of designers,” said Oliver Seil, Belkin Senior Director.

Studio Other delivered an unforgettable partnership through their detailed execution from start to finish, their unique functionality and design execution and overall commitment to meet Belkin’s organic needs for their new space. The design-driven space reflects the character of the company and is as cool and cutting edge as Belkin.

“The collaborative process with Belkin was incredibly exciting because we were able to co-design the furniture collection with their Industrial Design team. As product designers, they were fully engaged in the design process from start to finish,” **said Charlotte Wiederholt, President of Studio Other. “Working with the user group allowed us to truly innovate, collaborate and develop a workstation that enhances Belkin employees’ daily experience.”

Using "make people feel smart" as the project inspiration, Studio Other prioritized making every detail straightforward and simple so users felt comfortable in their new environment rather than frustrated and alienated. The overall goal of the space was to cultivate collaboration and social experience rather than a sole focus of heads down individualized work.

Originally published on Officing.