Press Release

Tangram Interiors Is Now a Certified Woman-Owned Business, Led by Chairman Sonya Mitrovich Lozowski, MD

Originally Published on officeinsight

Tangram Interiors, a curator of highly creative commercial interior environments headquartered in Southern California with regional headquarters in Dallas, TX, is pleased to announce that it has officially been certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) by the National Women’s Business Enterprise Council. 

This certification became possible when new Chairman Sonya Mitrovich Lozowski ascended into her leadership role. As of 2023, Mitrovich Lozowski oversees the organization’s performance and strategic initiatives. She also leads Tangram Interiors’s philanthropic efforts and community outreach programs. 

Mitrovich Lozowski brings years of experience to the table, having served as a Managing Member of Pacific Holdings and a Medical Director of a health center at the University of MI Health System. With her background as an academic physician, she has a particular passion for Tangram’s healthcare and education markets, merging the principles of exceptional human-centric design with the healing power of environments.

“I am proud to bring my background and perspective to Tangram both as a woman and as a physician,” says Mitrovich Lozowski. “As Chairman of a certified Woman-Owned business, I look forward to encouraging the growth of women leadership and making amazing spaces together with an incredible team.”

To become a WBENC-Certified WBE, the company owner must be a female U.S. citizen or legal resident. Additionally, the business must be 51% women-owned and the top executive officer (responsible for daily operations) must be a woman with technical expertise. Additionally, WBENC ensures certified companies maintain the highest quality standards for a long-lasting and successful partnership.