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Tangram Interiors Partners With Neiman Marcus Group to Create Innovative Corporate Hub in Dallas

Tangram Interiors, a curator of highly creative commercial interior environments headquartered in Southern California, partnered with Neiman Marcus Group in 2023 to complete an innovative, luxurious corporate hub at CityPlace Tower in Dallas, TX.

This groundbreaking project reflects Neiman Marcus Group’s commitment to prioritizing employee wellbeing and belonging. The company’s architecture and design partner, Gensler, approached Tangram Interiors with the goal of creating a high-end, personal, and inclusive workspace to empower its associates.

Neiman Marcus Group has long championed the importance of employee satisfaction and inclusivity, recognizing that these elements are fundamental in creating a thriving workplace environment and successful careers.

With its new Dallas hub, the company seeks to translate the luxurious experience of its retail stores into a workspace that prioritizes flexibility, equity, and comfort for all.

Designed in collaboration with renowned architectural firm Gensler and furnished by Tangram Interiors, the new Dallas corporate location exemplifies a hybrid space concept, integrating physical and virtual elements to accommodate the diverse needs of Neiman Marcus Group’s remote-first teams.

"The key is cultivating an environment that revolutionizes the associate experience and allows everyone to do their best work," explains Eric Severson, Chief People, Belonging, and ESG Officer, NMG. "This sense of freedom and choice fosters a culture of equity, innovation, and creativity that ultimately empowers our associates to thrive in their careers."

From the moment one enters the Dallas hub, it's clear that this is no ordinary workplace. The vibrant atrium, featuring over 300 butterflies to symbolize the Neiman Marcus brand, serves as a multifunctional space designed to nurture culture and social connection.

Throughout the hub, five associate lounges provide opportunities for comfortable and informal collaboration, each celebrating iconic Neiman Marcus store locations with unique aesthetics and art pieces.

In addition to communal spaces, the corporate hub offers dedicated team areas equipped with ergonomic workstations and advanced technology to support individual and collaborative endeavors. Hybrid collaboration spaces, outfitted with state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment and virtual whiteboards, facilitate communication and participation for in-person and remote associates alike.

"We wanted each space in the hub to have its own identity while reflecting elements of our storied history and NMG’s classic elegance," says Elizabeth Vance, Senior Manager of Retail Project Management and Retail Excellence, NMG. "Thanks to the wide array of brands Steelcase and Tangram represent, we were able to create a beautiful space that fosters innovation, creativity, and equity."

Tangram Interiors is honored to have partnered with Neiman Marcus Group and Gensler on this transformative project, contributing to the realization of an impressively luxurious and personal workplace for NMG’s associates.

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