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Tangram Launches ‘Women in Design’ Event Series in Los Angeles, Empowering Women in Architecture & Design Industry

Tangram, a curator of highly creative commercial interior environments headquartered in Southern California, is pleased to share its sponsorship of the latest Women in Design event. The event was held at the Steelcase WorkLife Center in Los Angeles, California on May 12th.

The Los Angeles Women in Design event kicked off with a panel discussion where notable women in the industry discussed their personal experiences in their respective fields, navigating tough conversations and sharing what they have learned throughout their careers. Tangram has committed to sponsoring this ongoing series, with the next panel event taking place in Dallas, Texas.

Andra Kaleps, Tangram Business Partnerships Leader for Tangram and founder of Women in Design, kicked off the female panel discussion idea during the pandemic while she was hosting virtual round table discussions. As the world started to gather in-person again, Andra took to propelling the design network group for women, with the intention of bringing women in the industry together. The collective mission is to provide female designers a space to comfortably ask questions, share stories and explore the endless possibilities of design.

It is imperative that our industry build on the powerful female design community within Los Angeles, Orange County and beyond,” said Andra Kaleps, Tangram Business Partnerships Leader for Tangram. “This program made possible by Tangram, connects, strengthens, empowers and inspires. Women in Design is a sounding board, a shoulder to cry on, a celebratory champagne toast.  It is a space where every designer’s individual journey is supported and celebrated, no matter what direction it wants to go.  Women In Design is about grabbing hold of the strength and passion that we all have inside and never letting go.

The latest panel discussion heard opening remarks from the panel’s moderator, Amanda Pierce, Lead Designer of Tangram. Allyson Campbell, Senior Designer of Bestor Architecture, Cassie Stepanek, Co-Design Director of Studio Other, Adaeze Cadet, Design Principal of HOK and Lisa Kong, Principal of the DLR Group all contributed to the panel discussion.

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to amplify my voice, experience and journey in design,” said Cassie Stepanek, Co-Design Director for Studio Other. “Once upon a time, this was a very male-dominated industry and I am so proud to break those boundaries and work as an equal with some of the most reputable men and women in design. I am awe-inspired and excited to continue contributing to building other women up and relying on this invaluable resource in our industry.

Women in Design is set to host more events of its kind in Dallas, TX, Orange County, CA and San Francisco, CA. For more information on attending and getting involved please visit

Tangram Interiors takes pride in their community outreach and commitment to community contributions. With the company’s growth throughout the years, Tangram relies on creating innovative workspaces and sharing its success by giving back to the community and creating opportunity within those communities. The company’s philosophy of providing people with diverse spaces for any type of work has remained at the forefront of their organization. At the core, developing incredible experiences with a centric focus around the people, is where their success lies.

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Originally Published on Real Estate Weekly