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Tangram Light Construction Division Considerably Expands Services

Our services have evolved to better accommodate the market.

Over the past few years, our Flooring team has developed into so much more, functioning more as a super sub rather than a flooring contractor. From initially offering exclusively flooring services (tile, flooring, slab work), this division now offers window treatments, custom work (3D walls, countertops & wall coverings), and tenant improvement services under 7,000 sq ft (millwork, doors, walls). Additionally, the team also offers demountable wall solutions including Muraflex, Steelcase walls and digital component construction (Falkbuilt). Learn more Tangram’s Light Construction service offerings here.

Growing Market

In addition to continuing to serve Southern California, this division has now expanded their total services into the Central Valley market, beginning with a Falkbuilt digital component construction solution for the Rowell Building in Fresno, CA.

New Services in Response to COVID-19

Tangram Light Construction now offers Tangram Workplace Sanitization as an accessible resource to their clients. This dedicated maintenance program provides disinfection and sanitization services on a quarterly and annual basis. Every site presents unique challenges, exposure scenarios and operational complexities. Therefore, the team has developed a 3-tiered program to address each business’ unique characteristics and minimize the impact to occupants and operations. Learn more here.

Additionally, Tangram began a new partnership with Falkbuilt and Wytcote Technologies to provide a more advanced and long-term solution to building entry and symptom checking. By combining the digital construction capabilities of our partner Falkbuilt, we can create custom skinned kiosks and wellness stations that can scale from one to many. Learn more here.

Interested in light construction services? Learn more and contact us here.

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