Top Trends We Saw at NeoCon 2024

NeoCon 2024 showcased a dynamic array of trends that are set to shape the future of commercial design. This year's event emphasized sustainability, technological integration, and wellness-focused environments, reflecting the evolving demands of the modern workplace. Attendees experienced innovative solutions that blend aesthetics with functionality, including biophilic design elements, adaptive furniture, and bold color schemes. A group of Tangram employees attended this year and reported the top trends they observed while walking the showrooms.

1. Monochromatic Color Schemes

This was one of the top trends mentioned as many manufacturers took a bold monochromatic approach in their showrooms. Tone-on-tone furniture was paired with accessories of the same palette to create a visual showstopper. This fun design element highlighted how varying shades and tones of a single hue can create depth and harmony in the office.

Mizetto Showroom
Davis Tile
NaughtOne Percy Lounge Chair
Kettal Showroom
Stylex Showroom

2. Sustainability is a Non-Negotiable

With the built environment accounting for about 42% of annual global CO2 emissions, sustainable design practices have evolved from a trend to a necessity. The adoption of eco-friendly, circular materials and solutions is now standard, with companies choosing materials with a lower environmental impact, such as recycled plastics, reclaimed wood, and biodegradable composites. Manufacturers are more transparent in their production and demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship by reducing carbon and physical footprints, decarbonizing supply chains, and pursuing certifications and standards like LEED and BREEAM.

Arper Catifa Carta - Comprised of 29 layers of paper bonded with natural resin, PaperShell significantly reduces environmental impact by capturing carbon dioxide throughout its lifecycle.
Nienkämper Vox Tambour - Vox® introduced a new eco material, Eelgrass, to its workstations. This sustainable alternative to traditional acoustic panels is designed to create healthy and comfortable spaces while being environmentally friendly.
Andreu World Gala Pure ECO Collection - Pure ECO is the most sustainable material of the year according to Interior Design magazine, which has presented it a “Best of Year Award” in the Environmental Impact category. Sourced from thermopolymer pieces that have completed their life cycle and industrial scraps, it is 100% recycled content and 100% recyclable.
Momentum Textiles Circon - Circon is the first bio-sourced, carbon-neutral, Type II vinyl wallcovering working toward a carbon-free future — at a price, performance and beauty comparable to conventional vinyl.
Steelcase The Power of Possibility - Steelcase unveils its industry-first transition plan to cut carbon emissions over 90% throughout its value chain – through its products, operations and transportation – by2050. Demonstrating transparency and accountability toward this goal, Steelcase released an industry-first net-zero transition plan, “Power of Possibility: A Net-Zero Future NeedsUs All.” This plan outlines how the company is taking bold and decisive action on its path to net zero.

3. Unique Leg Details - Tamboured, Fluted & Upholstered Elements

It was leg day at this year's show. It was impossible to ignore the unique design elements that made for a playful twist on the classic table frame— most notably, many legs were tamboured, fluted, and upholstered.

Andreu World Bolete Conference Table + Chair
Hightower Draper
Narbutas PARTHOS
Three H Kynde

4. Community, Collaboration & Co-Creation

The proverbial “water cooler talk” now takes many forms, yet community and culture are still fostered through spontaneous encounters and casual in-person interactions. Designing built environments that encourage these moments of connection, collaboration, and camaraderie is vital to nurturing a positive company culture. To cultivate this sense of connection, designers use spatial arrangements to create collaborative areas that complement private, focused workspaces. They also provide more co-creation spaces, where various tools and resources facilitate collaborative learning, enabling teams to brainstorm, experiment, and innovate together. New product introductions at NeoCon showcased mobile, flexible solutions that can transform collaborative environments instantly.

Kettal Pavilion
Boss Design Mews
Global Collaborative Spaces
Extremis AMAi
Orangebox Campers & Dens
Steelcase Ocular View