Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group
Denver, CO

After multiple successful projects with Boston Consulting Group, Studio Other’s relationship with Tryba Architects lead to the creation of a custom design solution for the Denver location.

Workstations were designed as curved desk units that can be configured and reconfigured into amorphous clusters that are more efficient than linear benching and infinitely more flexible. Compared to orthogonal benching, it accommodates more desks within the same square footage and especially lends itself to irregularly shaped floor plans for efficient and flexible space use. The irregularity of the grouping, in turn, allowed for powder coated steel white planters in the aisles and above the storage cabinets, establishing biophilic opportunities. And in continued response to BCG’s desire for workplace design that supports staff wellness, each table is designed as a sit-to-stand desk, offering users a more healthful environment.

Where the workstation were organically inspired, the three conference tables take an industrialized approach. The surface was comprised of grey caesar stone and is supported by a noticeable powder-coated base, making an undeniable statement in each conference room it resides within. Located in Denver, BCG desired the ability to accommodate coat storage for the winter months. Looking for a design that provides seamless integration, Studio designed a Rift Cut Oak veneer cabinet in a powder coated steel case. The interior included sections of hanging bars and white open cubies for miscellaneous storage, satisfying the need of form and function for this piece.

Studio Other provided 45 workstations, 6 planters, 6 coat cabinets 19 private offices and three conferences tables for BCG Denver’s 25,000 square-foot space servicing their 65-person office.

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