Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group
Los Angeles, CA

In October 2015, Tangram partnered with Boston Consulting Group and Shubin Donaldson on a custom venture in the north tower of the City National Plaza in DTLA. BCG occupies approximately 45,000 square feet of office space with 360 degrees of city views throughout the top three floors of the building. The space was originally designated as an area for building and elevator maintenance but eventually was converted to office space especially for BCG.

Tangram Studio, Tangram’s custom furniture division, collaborated with LA design firm, Shubin Donaldson, to ensure that the feel of the space matched the company’s classic culture and vibe. Through preliminary meetings with BCG and Shubin Donaldson, Studio created a comprehensive design concept. However, the cost to make every workstation height-adjustable and have top of the line finishes was much higher than BCG had anticipated. Thus, Studio went back to the drawing board to recreate a design that would satisfy both the client and designers and stay within the budget. After more in-depth discussions with BCG and Shubin Donaldson, Tangram Studio discovered that most of BCG’s consultants were highly nomadic and only in the office approximately 25% of the time.  This new piece of information allowed Studio to come up with a creative solution that would accommodate all employees and satisfy the budget.  The design included 210 workstations total; 130 were traditional workstations and 80 were alternative “touchdown” spaces that included standing height stations incorporated into the metal railing, lounge seating and semi-private spaces throughout the workspace. The design also includes 24 private offices and 30 meeting rooms throughout the interior, leaving the perimeter of the space open so expansive views of the city remain unencumbered and accessible to all.

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