California Wellness Foundation

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California Wellness Foundation
Los Angeles, CA

The California Wellness Foundation is non-profit grant maker established in 1992. Over the years, they have taken on some of the most contentious issues of our time, all focused on advancing health and wellness for underserved people. Today, they support organizations working to increase access to health care, quality education, good jobs, and clean and safe neighborhoods across the state.

When the foundation decided to move their headquarters from Woodland Hills to Downtown Los Angeles, Wolcott Architecture approached Tangram to curate furniture for the 40-person space.

Ergonomics and wellness in the workplace were the primary concerns communicated by the California Wellness Foundation management team. Not only did they request height-adjustable desks, but they placed value on the location of the monitors, as well as positioning and adjustability of the keyboard trays. The client valued budget, but not to the extent that it would compromise delivering their employees with a comfortable and functioning workplace. After close collaboration, Tangram provided 27 workstations and 12 private offices that met and exceeded the client’s expectations.

The workstations were Steelcase Answer and included a L-shaped height-adjustable desk to provide users with maximum adjustability and ergonomics. As for the private spaces, Tangram delivered a diverse mix of ancillary products from Steelcase and Coalesse, including the Brody WorkLounge, media:scape technology, Carl Hansen Oculus lounge chair, Massaud lounge chair, B-Free lounge, SW_1 and many more. For the main conference room, Tangram selected a Halcon Motus table, achieving an up-scale, traditional aesthetic, while simultaneously serving as a flipping/nesting, mobile training room solution.

In addition, the client placed significant value in selecting the right desk accessories, including keyboard trays, monitor arms and task lights, as well as design details like upholstery finishes, as those small touches have the potential to make a large impact on company moral and wellness. Ultimately, collaboration between the client, Wolcott and Tangram led to a fully furnished office that met the primary goal of providing employees with a comfortable, inspiring and supportive workplace.

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