Chula Vista Elementary School District

Chula Vista Elementary School District
Chula Vista, CA
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Tangram collaborated closely with Chula Vista Elementary School District to upgrade libraries across 10 of their elementary schools located in San Diego County.

The schools include: Casillas, Chula Vista Hills, East Lake, Harborside, Los Altos, Palomar, Park View, Rosebank, Valley Vista, and Wolf Canyon.

The activities that can be facilitated in libraries range from collaborative learning to quiet and reflective learning. Therefore, incorporating storage, surfaces, and flexible seating in these spaces is an essential element of allowing for versatility. With this in mind, Tangram provided storage and flexible seating from education furniture manufacturer NorvaNivel that encouraged various learning modes for students across all locations. Product highlights include the Amphi curved and tiered soft seating for group reading time, CrashPod pillows and WorkPad cushions for solo floor reading or reflective work, GrassyOtt Domes that are ideal for encouraging concentration in tactile learners, Conclave curved seating and storage for multi-uses, and Fablio tables and RocerOtt10 stools for both collaborative and individual reading and writing work.

The intentionality behind these library spaces allows for more engagement, collaborative working, and higher-level thinking skills as children have the agency to choose the best learning environment for themselves.  

"Wolf Canyon’s newly transformed library is now a vibrant hub of learning and imagination that reflects our continued commitment to the education of our students,” said Wolf Canyon Elementary School’s Principal Casey Lange.

The staff and students are thrilled with all of the new libraries and the school district has made them the standard for future upgrades.

“Our new library spaces represent the district's commitment to nurturing students’ potential through high-quality education, said Los Altos Elementary School Principal Dr. Maria Canales. “Our new library will serve as a resource to students, allowing them to continue to learn and grow while igniting their love of reading.”

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