Critical Role

Critical Role
Burbank, CA

Critical Role began as a group of friends and voice actors sitting around a table to create epic stories, but has since morphed into a 100% independent and creator-owned media company. Today, they create collaborative, story-driven content through their original shows which have blossomed into other media such as comic book series, art books, and an animated series. In collaboration with Critical Role and JLP Design, Tangram provided furniture for their new office space. The company was open to several design directions, their one request being that the space would reflect what they do as a media organization. Tangram ended up providing workstations, conference table furniture, and ancillary pieces from West Elm, Steelcase and SitOnIt.Each room, excluding private offices, donned a unique aesthetic, themed by color and style. Through this bold design choice, the space reflected the varied and nuanced nature of the company itself who offers a wide range of entertainment. The furniture that Tangram provided enhanced the personality of each space while still offering functionality and comfortability for every work style.

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