Fresno Chaffee Zoo Zooplex Center

Fresno Chaffee Zoo Zooplex Center
Fresno, CA

With an animal population of over 190 animal species housed at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, the new Zooplex adds infrastructure necessary to enhance the health and vitality of not only the animals, but the staff as well. Paul Haljian Architects engaged Tangram to provide furniture for the second floor which houses offices, meeting rooms, and work areas for zoo administration.

The Zooplex building, while being non-accessible to the public, sits in the heart of the zoo behind-the-scenes between the two largest, most unique, and most visited exhibits in the park. The exterior of the building was designed to blend into the public, while still offering a modern design to entice all employees to use. With 360-degree views of the animals and the two world-class exhibits, they wanted the inside to feel as much a part of the zoo's culture as the guests' experience.

Therefore, the desire for the interior space was an open and modern feel that encouraged collaboration and excitement in the office, and also made the employees feel connected with the day-to-day action at the park itself. With this goal in mind, Tangram provided furniture for the lobby, private offices, conference rooms and open benching areas.

Private offices were furnished with Steelcase Currency Modular Storage Systems with Migration SE height-adjustable desking. The open area benching selected was AMQ Kinex with Polyvision Privacy Whiteboards and Universal Mobile Peds. Steelcase Think Chairs were paired with each desk. Within the open work area is a Campfire Big Table to serve as a collaborative touchdown. Conference rooms were furnished with Enwork tables and Global Accord Chairs. The lobby features Blu Dot Lock chairs, with SitOnIt Rio chairs and National Waveworks custom flip tables in the breakroom. Lastly, the respite lounge and mother's room includes Campfire Lounge, Campfire Skate Tables, and Campfire Poufs to provide a cohesive and calming area.

All furnishings were finished with a natural wood material to keep an organic and natural feel that aligns with the zoo's overall theme. Charcoal grays and warm brown leathers were integrated throughout within panels, chairs and accessories to weave in contemporary design as well. The client was thrilled with the beautiful and open space that overlooks the best exhibits in the park. Furniture selected not only complements, but enhances, the space it lives within.

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