Frisco Public Library

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Frisco Public Library
Frisco, TX
Chad Davis

Now the sixth largest library in Texas, The Frisco Public Library connects the residents of Frisco and surrounding areas to information and inspires intellect, curiosity, and imagination. Along with a wide selection of books, the Frisco Public Library also offers interactive activities such as kid’s clubs, a gaming area, reading challenges, poetry workshops, yoga classes, book readings, and more.

The library recently moved and upgraded to a new location with three times the square footage to accommodate for the active community involvement and offer more activity spaces. Reimagined as a public library,  this beautiful adaptive reuse project gives new life to a structure that once manufactured both rockets and chicken nuggets. Frisco Public Library’s design celebrates the ecological history of the Blackland Prairie and facilitates dynamic, active learning that empowers its visitors and staff. Our team provided office furniture used by the library employees. This furniture includes reading/working pods, reception, private offices, and workstations.

The furniture provided was designed to change with the library as times change, all incorporating flexibility into the space.

The furniture can be reconfigured into all shapes,” says Shelley Holley, Library Director. “We can’t anticipate how people will use this library in the future. It’s hard to guess what future trends will be but not that hard to put some flexibility into our space; that’s what we tried to do.

The library was thoughtfully designed with each user in mind, with input gathered from the library team who have had significant experience working in libraries and observed the various ways that people used and interacted with the library. Some come to the library to hang out with friends or lounge, and others need a quiet space to work on a project. A variety of furniture and configurations were provided to accommodate many different needs.

It’s incredible, it exceeded my expectations,” said Amanda Murphy, who has been visiting the Frisco Public Library since moving to the city 25 years ago. “It has something for everybody, of all ages and all interests.

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