Fuse Media

Fuse Media
Glendale, CA
Project Team:
Aaron Thompson

Fuse is a New York City-based media company that emphasizes inclusion and diversity through its featured content, including artist spotlights, news, lifestyle and culture. When moving into their new New York headquarters, the aim was to establish a space that reflected the company’s fluid and creative spirit, where employees could interact uninhibited by a typical corporate set-up.

R&A Architecture + Design (now office untitled) organized departments to support their specific functions, each identified by colors that established designated areas and highlighted flexible meeting spaces. Compartmentalized by glass walls, the palette selected was bold and accompanied by branded imagery, all a visual cue to the space’s intended purpose, to encourage creation.

Studio Other worked closely with R&A to create a custom furniture set that supported and enhanced the bold surroundings without detracting or overpowering the visuals. Staying in line with R&A’s vision, furniture was designed with classic wood tops and supported by brightly colored powder coated steel legs and storage units. Café tables were designed with a plywood top, brightly colored painted wooden legs and accompanied by charred black wood stools. The boardroom table included a charred black wood tabletop that sat upon antique brass legs, matching the coffee table. A colored strip ran down the length of the tabletop, speaking to the colorful palette throughout the space.

In addition, meeting, working and training tables were all provided with integrated power. Other various ancillary pieces, including credenzas, guest chairs, bar stools and task chairs were also provided within the range of colors desired.

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