Harvey Mudd College McGregor Center

Harvey Mudd College McGregor Center
Claremont, CA
Benny Chan

Harvey Mudd College is a private college in Claremont, California, focused on science and engineering. Previously, the computer science program—a key department—was dispersed among multiple buildings across the campus. The new academic building includes labs, clinic space, student study and collaboration space, as well as administrative and faculty offices. Computer Science’s co-location with the makerspace fosters opportunities for students to connect and co-create across disciplines.

The three-story, 36,000-square-foot academic building features a welcoming, expansive lobby at the first floor, as well as ample study, hangout, and collaboration spaces for students. On the second and third floors, faculty offices, clinic and project studios, teaching and research laboratories and collaboration spaces serve the computer science program. The now contiguous computer science space brings together previously fragmented elements such as student project areas, clinic program work areas and computer labs. These floors encircle a central courtyard that brings transparency and natural light to the building’s circulation spaces.

The makerspace area located on the first floor is focused on creating one large open workspace for collaboration, networking, and socialization. The space features a “zoned” layout that includes a collaborative lounge, co-working and idea development areas, rapid prototyping, and light-to-medium fabrication.

Tangram provided a variety of makerspace tables with a beautiful butcher block top and paired them with metal stools in a variety of rich reds, oranges and burgundies. Additionally, flip top tables were provided for classrooms to allow for flexibility in configuration for a variety of settings such as lectures and collaborative group work.

As the home for the rapidly expanding Computer Science program at Harvey Mudd College the facility was designed for flexibility inside and outside the classroom. Social and Collaborative study areas were implemented to provide greater engagement amongst faculty and students.  This new home for Computer Science is located on the second level. Arranged around the central courtyard the computing classrooms and clinic space, for research projects, literally ‘daylight’ academic programs that were formally buried in subterranean levels on campus.

In addition to height-adjustable workstations for private heads down work, Tangram provided a stunning collection of ancillary and lounge to foster community and collaboration, including modular lounge, poufs, occasional tables and collaborative tables in warm-toned materials and plaid patterns.

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