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Digital Entertainment Firm

Santa Monica, CA
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Contract Furniture
Ryan Gobuty

Tangram and Steelcase’shistory with Hulu dates back to 2009.  Ever the trendsetters, Hulu was atthat time amongst a small population of companies that issued height-adjustabledesks to its employees as a standard amenity.  Tangram and Steelcase wereselected at that time due to quality and warranty, and over the years ourrelationship has expanded.  Our firms were selected to be primaryproviders for Hulu’s new Santa Monica HQ (2012, with ongoing expansion) andseveral significant regional office buildouts.  Recently, over 500height-adjustable workspaces and various ancillary settings were provided forHulu’s anchor 24-hour call center space in San Antonio, the first of its kindfor the company.