Imagine Entertainment

Imagine Entertainment
Beverly Hills, CA
Jasper Sanidad
Ron Howard + Brian Glazer’s Imagine Entertainment Built a New Workplace Focused on Personalized Environments and Custom Furniture.

Imagine Entertainment was founded in 1986 by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer to create independently produced feature films, television programs and other original programming. Since its inception, Imagine Entertainment has been honored with more that 60 prestigious awards including 10 Academy Awards and 36 Emmy® awards.

Beginning the process in August 2016, custom furniture design division Tangram Studio partnered with Los Angeles architecture firm Rios Clementi Hale Studios to meet Imagine Entertainment’s vision for their new Beverly Hills office space to accurately reflect the company’s creative and fast-paced culture. They were looking to deviate away from the feel of their old office’s built-in furniture and higher-than-average partitions, while retaining the same level of privacy essential to their industry.

Working closely with Imagine Entertainment, Studio offered their creative solution in the form of modular furniture and height adjustable workstations. In an effort to keep the layout clean and visually appealing, Studio designed the stations with the legs of the desks concealed in storage units and other various metal panels. Curved metal with wood laminate material surrounds each station to preserve employee privacy while also maintaining an aesthetic exterior.

This project held its weight in the ancillary furniture design with Imagine Entertainment seeking out unique pieces that create an eclectic look in community lounge areas and private offices. The process was distinctive in that executives were given the freedom to select their own furniture for their offices—down to rugs and lamps—in order to hand-build a personalized environment that best supports each individual’s workstyle.

Studio’s end solution included furniture design and accessories for 31 private offices, 17 workstations, conference room tables, ancillary furniture and storage pieces.

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