Medical City Plano

Medical City Plano
Plano, Texas

Medical City Plano is an acute care facility, providing over 70 specialties and subspecialties. Their critical care unit provides short to long-term care for patients who are in need of 24/7 aid and attention. In an effort to improve their current waiting room conditions for friends and family of patients, Medical City Plano chose Tangram Interiors to provide new waiting room furniture.

The main goal of this project was to select comfortable furniture that deviates from the usual clinical ambiance often found in waiting rooms. Given the high volume of visitors and the prolonged stays of families, it was important to establish a soothing atmosphere that also offered privacy, all while ensuring a safe setting.

The furniture chosen for this waiting area provides both comfort and multiple privacy options. The Heya Retreat from OFS creates the feeling of a small room with privacy walls, a built-in table and outlet, and benches/seats. For versatility, there are two different types of Heya Retreat’s used in this space. The Obeya by OFS frames/walls are used similarly to create private areas.

Lounge chairs in this space include the Modern Amenity and Saven Rocker, both from Carolina. These chairs were designed with comfort and support in mind, allowing the user a resting place. The Harpin chair and Nineteen20 table, both manufactured by OFS, combine to create a classic seating and table arrangement, ideally suited for dining or work purposes. The X&O Occasional Tables from Carolina and Boost Bench/Ottoman’s from OFS provide additional seating and tables that are a mobile option, giving the flexibility to change the space to each user’s need.

All the furniture chosen has medical-grade fabric and finishes that can easily be sterilized, keeping the users safe during their stay. The hint of blue and neutral colors chosen complement the existing areas of the hospital and bring a bit of character to the room.

Overhead View of Floorplan

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