Neiman Marcus - Dallas Hub

Neiman Marcus - Dallas Hub
Dallas, TX
Jason O'Rear

High-end fashion retailer Neiman Marcus says employee wellbeing and belonging aren't luxuries - they're essential. The company's new Dallas hub captures the same luxurious feeling customers experience in their stores with the goal of "making life extraordinary" for its associates. The company recently moved into a new Dallas hub designed to leverage the physical space to help employees thrive, feel accepted and valued.

It's clear when you arrive at Neiman Marcus' new corporate hub at CityPlace Tower in Dallas, this is no ordinary workplace. Not only is it beautiful and welcoming, the hybrid space was designed by Gensler with furniture curated by Tangram Interiors and has everything the company's remote-first teams need to get work done and feel good while doing it. The space was designed to support equity goals, anyone, regardless of their position can use any space. Associates can choose from a diverse range of spaces that allow flexibility and autonomy.

"We've embraced a model that's not one size fits all, but rather one size fits one," says Neiman Marcus Chief People, ESG and Belonging Officer Eric Severson. "We've optimized our real estate to allow people to work where they feel comfortable and can be most productive. The key is cultivating an environment that provides equity and flexibility so people can do their best work. This freedom and choice is empowering, allowing everyone to thrive and advance in their career."

We designed the hub to feel the same for our associates as our store feels for customers. We want it to feel luxurious — and I don't mean expensive, but personalize luxury that makes everyone feel special.

-Eric Severson, Neiman Marcus Chief People, ESG + Belonging Office

Giving people what they need

The hub is custom-built with a diverse range of spaces designed to create community, and support teamwork, innovation and creativity, for both in-person and remote participants. It's a highly flexible work environment that supports the different types of work people do throughout the day. Wellbeing and comfort are built into every setting.

While it's still early — associates moved into the new hub in July 2023 — employee feedback has been very positive. An early survey shows a 34% increase in employee satisfaction and the space has become intensely popular, especially the collaboration settings, which have been book solid.

Spaces for creating community

The first thing associates and guests notice when they enter the space is the atrium — a vibrant, multifunctional space designed to nurture culture by supporting social connection and informal collaboration. The modular nature of the furniture allows the space to be quickly transformed and used for other purposes, instantly turning it into a runway for a fashion show, an elegant event space for receptions and even seated dinners.

The Dallas hub's impressive atrium features more than 300 butterflies hanging from the ceiling — a symbol that is synonymous with the Neiman Marcus brand. Comfortable lounge spaces throughout the atrium provide associates and guests places where they can have an impromptu meeting or do individual work.

In addition to the atrium spaces, five associate lounges spread throughout the three floors, giving associates places to go to connect with their peers, rejuvenate or get some complimentary snacks and coffee. Each uniquely designed space supports a mixture of workstyles and postures. Lounge seating that properly supports people's backs allows them to sit upright. Personal work tables at the right height support the use of laptops and access to power keeps people focused and working.

"The lounges are designed to remind our associates what they're here for, our customers, and what our brand is all about. And they're also amazing spaces where they can 'bump into' people, share ideas, or escape from some downtime," says Severson.

We wanted each space in the hub to have its own identity, while reflecting elements of our stories history and the elegance that NMG is known for. Thanks to the wide array of brands Steelcase and Tangram represent, we were able to create a beautiful space that fosters innovation, creativity, and equity.

-Elizabeth Vance, Neiman Marcus Senior Manager, Retail Project Management, and Retail Excellence

Lounge Spaces

Each lounge celebrates one of Neiman Marcus' iconic store locations in San Francisco, New York, Miami, Chicago and Dallas and features art pieces created in collaboration with their brand partners. The spaces all provide a different aesthetic, while balancing performance with craft and style.

Café Space

The Popover Café, named after the buttery pastry served an Neiman Marcus, provides associates with spaces where they can dine, meet with colleagues or guests, or get work done.

Spaces for Individual Work

Dedicated team spaces provide associates with shared individual workstations where they can comfortably and effectively get work done, as well as spaces where they can effectively build relationships and collaborate with their team members.

In this team space, workstations with height-adjustable desks, ergonomic seating and screens to control privacy support associate's physical and cognitive wellbeing. Associates can easily switch to collaborative work in the adjacent space.

Collaboration Spaces

Whether you're working in the office, at home, or you're on-the-go, the hub has been designed to meet the needs of in-person and remote associates. Collaboration spaces are equipped with virtual tools and technology, such as video conferencing equipment, virtual whiteboards and Microsoft Teams Front Row, so everyone can see and be heard. "The technology we built into our spaces is the great equalizer," says Severson. "We made sure that no matter where our associates are working, we could support them effectively and they could contribute because they can be really present in virtual meetings. This levels the playing field."

Associates can use a variety of hybrid collaboration spaces equipped with monitors, cameras and speakers to effectively support mixed presence so everyone can contribute equally and be present in virtual meetings.

Collaboration happens both in enclosed and open spaces. Huddle rooms help eliminate distractions, while spaces in the open plan with standing-height worksurfaces, stools and work tools, such as markerboards, create a more active collaboration environment for associates.

"We designed the hub to feel the same for our associates as our stores feel for customers. We want it to feel luxurious — and I don't mean expensive but personalized luxury that makes everyone feel special," says Severson.

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