El Segundo, CA
Ryan Gobuty

OceanX is a division of Guthy Ranker, one of the world’s largest and most respected direct marketing companies, offering customer service, logistics, call center, business intelligence, billing, and fulfillment services as an end-to-end platform.  Led by CEO, George Richter, OceanX has four locations nationally, but is headquartered in El Segundo, CA.

Since OceanX is housed on one of the four floors Guthy Ranker occupies in the building, they wanted their space to look and feel different than the rest of the company and represent their individual brand. Gensler turned to Tangram Studio to help design the approximately 25,000 square foot space. The initial scope of the project included 140 workstations, three conference room tables, and several smaller tables.  Butcher block workstation surfaces were complemented by hot rolled steel panels lined with custom colored fabric to match the OceanX logo. For added flair, Studio also designed the panels to include a laser cutout of the OceanX logo.  Because of the nature of their work, Studio also engineered the stations with extra data and power connections as well as additional wire management underneath.

The result is a beautiful, modern space that differentiates the brand and reflects, reflects culture of OceanX and, also, acts as a highly functional workplace.

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