Irvine, CA

Tangram partnered with architecture firm H Hendy Associates to curate furniture for Orgain’s new 25,000 square foot office in Irvine, CA. Given that Orgain is an organic nutrition company, the main goal of this project was to create a space that places health & wellness at the center of each employee’s work, reflects Orgain’s unique brand, and offers employees a productive, collaborative and fun space. Tangram provided furniture for the office’s eight dedicated areas including open plan workstations, a large conference room, a breakroom and kitchen area, a product test kitchen, a game lounge, a gym, a warehouse with a basketball court, and an outdoor patio.

Because the space was designed with colorful murals, biophilia and the brand’s classic green incorporated, Tangram selected several playful pieces to maintain personality while providing a flexible and collaborative experience for users. For example, the Duffy London Swing Table serves as a visual focal point in the open area and brings a whimsical twist to the traditional conference table. Additionally, the game room features an array of mismatched colorful lounge pieces that are all organically shaped for a laid back and creative feel.

Furniture provided for enclosed conference rooms are neutral and soft to establish a sense of  calm and contrast to the biophilic art installations, while meeting rooms feature unique seating options like hanging swing chairs to promote creativity and innovation. As for the workstations, Tangram provided height-adjustable Steelcase Migration and Bivi with Orgain’s classic green panels and paired them with SitOnIt task chairs to create an agile solution for the open plan layout—establishing a sense of community and engagement while allowing for privacy and heads down work.

Together with their partners, Tangram provided a wide range of furniture collections for various spaces with unique requirements. The end result is a distinctly vibrant and lively space that brings the outdoors in and creates a flexible and fun work experience for every user.

Every inch of our new space – from the entry way to conference and break rooms, to our kitchen and outdoor spaces – nods to Orgain’s brand origins and reflects our company’s core values to promote wholesome, healthy and vibrant lives,” said Orgain CEO Andrew Abraham, M.D. “To see the heart and soul I’ve put in Orgain come to life in our new office environment is breathtaking, and is a total transformation from our old space. With the definition of office taking on a new meaning for so many of us, I couldn’t be prouder to have an energetic destination to serve our employees in ways that enable them to collaborate, innovate and continue their life-changing work for years to come.

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