Perkins + Will

Perkins + Will
Los Angeles, CA
Project Team:

Perkins+Will Los Angeles is a Southern California-based architecture firm that believes in the power of design to transform lives. With 70 professionals on staff, the office is consistently ranked among the top five design firms in the city.

Working towards the goal of consolidating their offices onto a single floor, the initial challenge was to provide a creative workplace environment with greater amenities in a smaller footprint. The staff was encouraged to be mobile and work beyond their desks, utilizing all areas of the office to work.

Studio Otherdesigned and fabricated workstations without division that would seat up to 5 employees and accommodate additional staff when needed. Mobile pedestals incorporated power beneath sliding cushions to allow flexibility within the space to expand and contrast as the company grew. Prior workstation partitions were salvaged and repurposed into a 25ft touchdown table offering hoteling workspace for visitors. Acrylic walls that lined stairwell of the previously connecting floors were repurposed into café tables, offering a visual ‘memory’ and reinforcing the office’s history.

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