Prosper ISD – Rockhill High School

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Prosper ISD – Rockhill High School
Frisco, TX
Project Team:

Tangram was selected to install furniture across a 600,000sf campus at the new Rockhill High School. Rockhill High School is a public high school in Frisco, Texas that serves students in Frisco, Prosper, and McKinney.

The primary goal for this space was to provide flexible, durable areas that can adjust to the changing needs of the students. The furniture installation was completed in 3 phases and consisted of 2-stories of classrooms, lounge, study, administration, cafeteria, and library spaces.

Having areas with varying uses, several lines of furniture were used to curate an environment that is adaptable to each space while still providing overall cohesion. The KI MyWay Lounge Seating can be found in the common areas outside of classrooms and in reading nooks in the hallways. Along with this lounge seat, students also have the option to use the Steelcase Turnstone Buoy as a more interactive seating option.

As an alternative to common area studying, students can also choose to use the Steelcase Brody that offers focus and privacy with privacy screens, a comfortable lounge chair, side table, and adjustable main table.These pods are typically found in library or other quiet areas throughout the school. Their movable modular solutions can transform any underutilized area and provide an in-between solution for studying, test taking, or just taking a moment to relax.

In the classrooms, Steelcase Shortcut chairs are used with varying bases depending on the need of the room. For labs, the Steelcase Shortcut accompanies the Smith System Interchangeable Science Table. This desk provides durability and functionality to science and art classrooms, while still maintaining a sleek look. For standard classrooms, the Steelcase Shortcut is paired with the Steelcase Verb Table that is best known for its mobility. These desks offer an easy shift between lecture, discussion and project work, helping to minimize set-up time between each interaction.

The furniture pieces chosen for this high school help create flexible and durable environments for the students and staff, while also creating an aesthetic environment that reflects school branding.

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