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El Segundo, CA
Year Completed

Signature Travel Network

Transitioning to an open plan office

Created by a group of like-minded agency owners in 1956, Signature Travel Network has continued to attract the travel industry’s most successful and prominent retailers. They proudly serve a broad and diverse base of retail travel companies, including many of the nation’s top multi-location, market dominant organizations; single location boutique travel specialists; cruise-only agencies; and top internet-based marketers.

Signature Travel Network’s previous office was fitted with fixed-height workstations and was sectioned off with high panels, creating a disconnect between users. Additionally, the space was dark. Therefore, the goals for the new office were to have a light and bright open plan with height-adjustable workstations.

Innovative Solutions

In collaboration with Transition State Design House and Kazoni Construction, Tangram Interiors provided interior solutions for Signature Travel Network as they transitioned into their new El Segundo office. To achieve the established goals for the 35-person office, Tangram installed 32 Steelcase Ology height-adjustable desks accompanied by 9to5 Seating Cydia Mesh task chairs and Steelcase Answer Fence desk barriers to promote wellness and support an open office while still allowing for individual privacy. In addition, OFS Eleven Wood Conference tables, Woodstock Joplin chairs and universal storage were provided for the training room and three conference rooms.


Ultimately, Signature Travel Network is pleased with their new space. While each individual user has a smaller personal space, there are more meeting rooms than ever before and each employee has a height-adjustable desk. Their new airy space promotes wellness and fosters a more innovative and collaborative work environment.

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