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Tangram Dallas
Dallas, TX
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Benny Chan

Tangram Dallas is a working showroom, serving as a hybrid workplace for Tangram employees as well as a space to tour and host clients and partners. As we joined the downtown community, our team committed to honoring the heritage of the surrounding East Quarter neighborhood and carefully re-envisioning the area’s unique identity. By using original materials and zeroing in on a 1920s industrial theme, Tangram paid respect to downtown Dallas’s rich history and old-school charm. The Tangram team adopted a rich mixture of industrial materials, dark metals, and exposed concrete alongside natural materials. They also paid homage to local landmarks, such as the Old Magnolia Gas Station No. 110 (now the site of the National Anthem Restaurant). This “Old Meets New” concept combines rich textures and raw materials to create a warm, energetic space in which the Tangram team can host clients and work collaboratively with designers.  Cutting-edge technology and classic design work together to provide an engaging, yet comfortable space.

“I immersed myself in the culture, explored the neighborhoods, walked the streets, and learned how the city identifies,” says Samantha East, Tangram Designer. “That was instrumental in creating a space that really resonates with the Dallas community, while also infusing our Tangram flare. It’s difficult to design when you don’t understand the people, so this project was about experiencing the culture.”

In today’s hybrid world, it’s important to create an equitable experience for all meeting participants, whether remote or in-person. Therefore, we made cutting-edge technology integration paramount to the design of the space, incorporating audio-visual capabilities and Microsoft Teams integration into every meeting area, whether it was a conference room, small meeting room, or private phone booth.

With this workplace also serving as a showroom, it was important to display various neighborhoods and styles of working for when we tour clients and partners. Upon initial entrance, you’ll find yourself in the Social Hub with the lobby and café serving as areas to gather and collaborate with choice and control over your posture with full access to technology.  

In the Open Office, 3 different height-adjustable workstation setups with unique purposes: heavy storage for full-time employee setups, mobile storage for drop-in desking, and mobile/minimal storage for ‘hot desking.’ As you walk past this space from left to right, it transitions from fixed to mobile stations. The Open Office displays a range of workstation attributes; including varying postures, privacy, storage, and mobility; that could meet any one employee or company’s needs – especially in today’s workplace climate where workplace strategies vary from company to company.

Three unique Private Offices are centrally-located and highly-visible across the office, displaying that private spaces don’t need to feel removed or unreachable. 'Front Porches’ with collaborative meeting areas are intentionally placed outside private offices to allow for impromptu innovation and connection.

The Neighborhood features large clusters of various spaces; including workstations, open and closed meeting spaces, and a custom maker space; creates an office ecosystem that allows for choice & control, intentional collaborative moments and casual collisions.

The Library serves as a sandbox for everyone to actively participate in finish selection. The lighting is adjustable so swatches can be viewed under multiple color tones to better bring your space to life. Various seating heights and postures allow for comfort and a highly creative, innovative, and collaborative environment.  

The Main Conference Room is centrally located and allows for equitable hybrid meetings with the unique curved table that follows the path of the surrounding curved glass, preserving sightlines for both in-person and remote participants.  

Lastly, the Academy is a fully flexible space that allows for many unique layouts that can easily be adjusted depending on the need. With a range of tiered seating options, users have a choice of posture and the ability to see and be seen with unobstructed sightlines and integrated technology. This space demonstrates what a modern education environment can accomplish, which is valuable given how many projects we work on within the education market.

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