Transitional Home for Women and Children

Transitional Home for Women and Children
Bakersfield, CA
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The Mission provides for the Lee and Krystyna Jaimeson Transitional Home for women and their children who are experiencing homelessness and need access to safe shelter and supportive recovery programs. Residents receive education and recovery services, meals, restroom, shower and personal hygiene supplies access, counseling and medical care, along with case management and spiritual support. Opened in October 2021, The Mission's Transitional Home renders long-term rehabilitation with an emphasis on providing lasting recovery skills.

The reason we built this space was to provide a sustainable, safe and a happy option for women and children,” says Krystyna Jamieson. “The furniture Tangram provided lives, breathes and works well in the space. But most importantly, it helps create a safe and comfortable place that is going to last. It gives them an idea of what a happy home looks like.

Curated furniture selection purchased through Tangram, The Mission's Transitional Home received an uplift to the new Mission location sticking to the overall theme of modern comfort, using neutrals and blues throughout the facility. Tangram’s furniture selection and installation services provided a bright, light and inviting environment that offered a feeling of comfort and safety to residents and staff. Contract-grade furniture with a residential feel from Steelcase (West Elm), Coalesse, National, Hon, Sit On It, Global and BluDot were used throughout the private offices, lobby, meeting spaces, kitchen and rooms.

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