USC Village

USC Village
Los Angeles, CA

The largest development in the history of South L.A. as well as the University of Southern California encompasses restaurants, retailers and residential colleges in a medieval Tuscan village setting. It reflects USC’s embrace of on-campus living as an integral part of the educational experience and will house some 2,500 students. In addition, the project is expected to generate about 800 jobs.

Tangram supplied furniture for lobbies, multi-purpose rooms, group study rooms, individual study rooms, outdoor areas and dining hall. The university’s goals for student areas included fostering collaboration, study and engagement among students along with a place where they could “hang” within an inviting living environment.

A mix of furniture styles is designed to accommodate a variety of postures, an attractive feature for the students. The furniture arrangements are also flexible and can be moved around throughout the day. The students take full advantage of that flexibility, constantly rearranging the space depending on their needs or preferences.

“Tangram began working with USC Housing in 2013 to convert existing spaces to different furniture lines and configurations, with students testing the spaces,” said Tangram Sales Executive Lupe Morfin. “We learned from all those experiences and applied the information we’ve gathered to these five incredible new buildings.”

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