Valley Children's Eagle Oak Specialty Care Center

Valley Children's Eagle Oak Specialty Care Center
Bakersfield, CA
Emily Hagopian

When a premier children’s hospital in California’s Central Valley decided to build three new outpatient specialty centers, it created the perfect opportunity to thoroughly explore the rebrand and design of a new and unique health experience for children and families. SmithGroup in partnership with Tangram rose to the challenge and created a clinic prototype for Valley Children’s Healthcare that has even brought a little fun into going to the doctor.

The heart of the new concept is the Life Center, which serves as the main lobby and central reception area, but it takes playfulness up a notch by offering more amenities and entertainment to keep the children and families occupied while they wait for their appointments. Tangram matched the energy of the space with Global River wave-shaped lounge, that was equally durable, comfortable and fun, and showstopper Steelcase Ripple Bench in a vibrant orange. Additionally, Tangram provided waiting area furniture in various spots that kept both the parents and children in mind with colorful finishes selected and various seating options, from Steelcase Jenny club chairs to reconfigurable and climbable IOA Splat & Drip benches for the little ones. Lastly, Tangram provided exam room furniture as well that is comfortable, easily cleaned, and durable.

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