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Creating a Space with a Pulse

June 17, 2021


Eric Lockwood

Technology is not a destination, it's a vehicle.

Where do you want to go?

Given all this, the ability of a business to tell their story, relay their values, and form connections with their clients, customers, and employees is more important than ever.

To create a space that effectively tells this story and establishes an emotional attachment to the business, you can’t limit your focus to solely architecture, layout, lighting, and furnishings. It is imperative that technology is also considered in this greater storytelling. Ultimately, humans interpret the world through their senses, and the more senses that are engaged, the deeper the connection.  

One way to engage these senses is to turn artifacts and objects into triggers that educate visitors about the business. Bring static images, logos, and messages or graphics to life with projection and lighting. Create mosaics of varying shapes, sizes, and depths.

By doing this, you have the chance to transform hallways into portals that reinforce a story, a mission or a goal. Furthermore, this gives visitors agency to choose their own adventure on an office tour.

As you consider the changes you’d like to see, we’d love to help you bring your space to life. Together, we can transform it into a multimedia experience that resonates with the people who visit and inhabit it every day.