Kellie’s Top 5 Product Picks – Healthcare Design Conference + Expo

This year’s Healthcare Design Conference + Expo was one for the books. Hosted on the San Antonio Riverwalk, our healthcare experts gained insightful industry knowledge on the latest and greatest innovations in healthcare furniture. Our Healthcare Director, Kellie Reed, tested as many of the new pieces featured at HCD as possible to bring you her tried-and-true top 5 product picks.

Pineapple Zen Chair

The Zen Chair is all about redefining the comfort and safety standards for patients. The agronomical slope of the chair prevents rapid standing motion, helping to build a calmer and safer environment for both patient and healthcare provider. The reclined shape also provides comfort and ease while preventing pressure points.

Why it’s a top pick: “I was immediately drawn to the welcoming design of the chair. The pitch of the curvature lends itself to comfort and a sense of calm as you sit back into it.”
Pineapple Zen Chair

Interwoven by Kimball Ezzeri Lounger

Challenging the functionality of a traditional patient recliner, the Ezzeri eradicates the need for multiple handles and controls and allows the weight of the patient to control the reclining. The beautiful, lighter scale recliner provides maximum ergonomic benefit with minimal effort for both the patient and the caregiver. Made adaptable with the option of a head pillow, casters, and wing backs, the Ezzeri has every accessory to meet any patient’s needs.

Why it’s a top pick: “I considered it eye candy at first until I sat in it. It’s so incredibly comfortable with the movement mimicking the shape of my back. I felt the subtle flow gave my busy mind a bit of peace.”
Interwoven by Kimball Ezzeri Lounger

Interwoven by Kimball Behnti Chair

This stylish, functional folding chair allows for additional seating without taking up excess space. The Behnti chair comes with multiple custom finishes and features including an optional seating pad, different leg finishes (metal, wood, or black powdercoat), and a molded laminate back in multiple colors. Simple. Stylish. Effective.

Why it’s a top pick: “A folding chair that offers some sort of unique design element? Sold. As spaces are getting smaller, a folding chair is a necessity. This chair is a major upgrade of the white plastic version.”
Interwoven by Kimball Behnti Chair

Designtex Tangram Vinyl Fabric

To say we’re thrilled to have a Designtex fabric named after us would the understatement of the century. This vinyl fabric not only creates a fun environment with its unique pattern but it can also be easily cleaned with common healthcare products and stands up to the daily wear and tear of its environment.

Why it’s a top pick: “This fabric is where durability meets design. And the name doesn’t hurt!”

Steelcase: West Elm Health Bariatric Slope Chair

This is not your average bariatric chair. Made not only with comfort in mind, the Bariatric Slope Chair also has classic West Elm upholstered features and sleek metal legs that will have you forgetting you’re in a healthcare environment. The slope of the chair and height of the back bring comfort to the patient and ease when ready to stand.

Why it’s a top pick: “This is a beautiful piece that doesn’t sacrifice comfort. It has more of a hospitality feel rather than clinical, making the space feel closer to home than healthcare.”