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Corporate Culture

Creating a Positive Workplace Culture that Rewards Innovation

July 26, 2021

One of the biggest challenges for managers is to monitor assignments without stifling innovation due to micromanagement. With a well-designed workspace that respects privacy while encouraging collaboration, professionals foster a positive workplace culture that rewards creativity.

Leaving the Door Open

Micromanagement does not work because the leader's attitude is one of superiority. Micromanagers do not delegate as often as they should because they believe they can do a better job than anyone else. Rather than closing off the door to team members in need of guidance, make it clear there are "no wrong questions." At least on a metaphorical level, leave the door open. Although it's not practical to always leave a door open, establish an open-door policy during specific hours as well as other ways to contact the supervisor or manager when busy. Check in to find out if there is any way you can help. Monitor progress so projects don't veer off track or become delayed.

Motivating with Trust

Find every opportunity to show team members you trust their judgment and value their opinions. Interfering with the creative process is demotivating. Every work partner and team member has an internal system that responds differently to the environment and people. Some people produce better in the morning, while others concentrate best in the afternoon. The leader's job is not to enforce a rigid schedule, but to encourage team members when they contribute something positive. In other words, you can create a positive workplace culture when you catch people doing something right.

Understanding Basic Human Psychology

Don't underestimate the power of color, lighting, textures, and design in the workplace. Also, introverts and extroverts respond differently to brain chemicals such as dopamine. How you dialogue about assignments with an introvert should differ from how you communicate with an extrovert. The key is to find the way that motivates the individual to produce at an optimal level.

The best way to reward innovation is to set someone up for success with clear expectations. Give milestone goals, access to the managers for dialogue, and appreciation for progress to see the workplace culture transform from dead and lethargic to energized and upbeat.

Tangram's Approach to Workplace Culture

At Tangram, we help businesses and companies create a healthy and engaging workplace for optimal productivity and success. Our goal is to help you enhance your brand and workplace culture while seamlessly incorporating technology. For more information about how we design a people-centered work ecosystem with flooring, fabrication, technology, modular walls, and custom furniture, please contact us.