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The Modern Workplace Reimagined: Tangram Interiors Launches Hybrid Office & Showroom in Dallas

Tangram Interiors, a curator of highly creative commercial interior environments headquartered in Southern California, is thrilled to announce its new office space and showroom in Dallas, TX.

As the company joined the downtown community, the team made a commitment to honoring the heritage of the surrounding East Quarter neighborhood and carefully re-envisioning the area’s unique identity. By using original materials and zeroing in on a 1920s industrial theme, Tangram paid respect to downtown Dallas’s rich history and old-school charm.

I immersed myself in the culture, explored the neighborhoods, walked the streets, and learned how the city identifies. That was instrumental in creating a space that really resonates with the Dallas community, while also infusing our Tangram flare. It’s difficult to design when you don’t understand the people, so this project was about experiencing the culture.
- Samantha East, Tangram Designer

The Tangram team adopted a rich mixture of industrial materials, dark metals, and exposed concrete alongside natural materials. They also paid homage to local landmarks, such as the Old Magnolia Gas Station No. 110 (now the site of the National Anthem Restaurant).

The design is truly a reflection of the surrounding neighborhood, its historical ties to the automotive industry, and Tangram’s creative culture. With subtle nods to the 1920s, the design is a translation of ‘Old Meets New.’ Rich textures and raw materials work together to create a warm, energetic space in which the Tangram team can host clients and work collaboratively to make amazing spaces.
- Brad Robichaux, Design Consultant

When visiting the Tangram Dallas office, clients will find an inspirational blend of…

- Repeating curvilinear lines
- Various ‘neighborhoods’ that support multiple styles of working
- Meeting spaces equipped with cutting-edge technology to support hybrid calls
- Custom rugs and seating
- 1920s-inspired signage and lighting
- Tables and chairs crafted with wood, leather, and raw materials

Employing 75 professionals, Tangram's DFW showroom, designed for flexibility and hybrid work, hosts over 40 employees. The company has witnessed an impressive 400% business growth in its first year, establishing itself as a significant force in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

To schedule a tour of the new showroom, please reach out to Amber Jones at

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