The Creative Office

When we imagine the people who fill creative office spaces, we often think of eccentrics, innovators, and early adopters—people who are challenging the status quo and working differently to accomplish their goals. Up until recently, we have focused our efforts in this industry primarily around casual residential-style spaces— unexpected collaboration areas, lounge settings, community cafés— to encourage collaboration, connection and innovation. Today, however, we feel we need to shift our focus to more creative efforts on how to bring people back to the office in a safe and healthy manner. For the moment, small huddle rooms and Parisian café tables are taking a backseat... but not forever (hopefully).

As our team began collecting content for this issue of Puzzle, it became apparent that we needed to find a way to effectively marry a collection of incredible product with leading research and innovation that have come to the surface regarding the pandemic. Ultimately, we are all working hard to navigate a path towards a brighter future and finding ways to make that happen. While the office may still feel like a foreign concept to many of us, we hope these beautiful products, aspirational research, and recent completed projects inspire you and keep you working for a better tomorrow.

Many of you may know that our company is lucky to have a number of University of Michigan alumni whose football coach recently came up with what may be the perfect tagline. So, from all of us here at Tangram and in the words of Jim Harbaugh,

“Stay Positive, Test Negative.”